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Fixed EMI for life

Are you financially stressed because of interest rate hikes?

We guarantee you a fixed EMI throughout your loan term. Need not stress about the increase in interest rate.

      • Mortgage & Corporate loan have the highest number of cash flows in their tenure and is exposed to the financial risk of interest/profit rate variations.
      • Our Secured EMI will protect from inflation and interest rate risk.
      • We protect EMIs to rise due to Floating Interest Rate swings & provide 'Fixed EMI for life' at very little cost.
      • No Increase in EMI over years. Protection from rising borrowing cost & Inflation.
      • No change in EMI even if Mortgage Interest Rate rises above 12% from current 5.5%.



This financial product allows the mortgage holder to pay fixed EMI on their mortgage, car, or other loans. Protects the mortgage holders from interest rate/profit share variations. Currently, UAE Central banks have increased the interest rates by 0.75%. Thus, the new mortgage holders in 2019-20 are significantly impacted by the recent interest rate hike causing them to make much higher EMI payments on their mortgages. This product can help mortgage holders from being exposed to interest rate hikes and make huge payments. Loan holders can enjoy fixed EMI throughout the mortgage period till its maturity.

  • Non-availability of this service at reasonable fees to clients in UAE. 

  • We ensure that your EMIs do not rise throughout the loan tenure due to increase in market interest rates. 

  • Creation of a notional pool to make individual clients eligible for the product. 

  • Reduces financial distress of SMEs and individuals in managing monthly increase in interest payments. 

How does the pooling process work?

Money Protects will combine all the loans from individuals and SMEs into the notional loan pool. It includes all the retail and non-retail segment clients. The service will be provided on a first-come, first-out basis. Thus, all the clients need not worry about the rise in their monthly EMIs.