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Wealth Management

Money Protects investment solutions are designed for individual clients & corporate businesses to meet their optimal financial goals. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to providing premier service to our clients by creating, sustaining, and multiplying their wealth through our bespoke investment strategy and through our associated partners.

Our wealth manager always makes sure to achieve your short- or long-term financial goals by bringing forward the best in asset-class solutions in line with your risk appetite and preferences. Our core objective for investment advisory is client satisfaction and ensuring you achieve your financial goal.

      • Strategies to safeguard assets from potential risks, such as legal liabilities or market downturns.
      • Offer real estate investment integrated with wealth management strategies for long-term growth and income generation.
      • We emphasize international diversification to mitigate risks and capture opportunities beyond the local market.
      • We offer family office services along with comprehensive financial oversight, estate planning, and multi-generational wealth transfer solutions.



Risk Management Approach

The risk appetite of investors varies with their situation in life. Risk can be managed by reducing the uncertainty surrounding a potential investment. Our wealth manager is specialized to identify risk tolerance level for building a successful investment portfolio that achieve financial goal by using effective strategy of asset allocation and diversifi- cation to minimize financial risk.

We value and fulfill the objective by
  • Open architecture platform and technically driven access.
  • Protection and multiplying wealth with the latest market trend.
  • Risk Mitigated investment-return strategies towards low, medium, and high risks.
  • Tailored wealth solutions and financial planning in line with short-term and long-term objectives.
  • Portfolio Control, Timely Updates, and monitoring to maximize your return on investment.
  • Risk-controlled asset allocation, Portfolio optimization, and Portfolio management services.
  • Diversified structured investment of various asset classes (Equity, Mutual Funds, Fixed Income & Bonds, Commodities, Real Estate, Alternative Investment and Currency).
  • Capital protected, Higher Return and Guaranteed Coupon.
  • Global/Offshore Private Banking & Custody Services. Discretionary Asset management.
  • Market research, access to capital markets and global indexes.
Advising on
  • Advising in Multi-Asset Class (Equity, Bonds, Funds, Alternative investments, Debt Instruments, Currency)
  • All types of structure products (Phoenix Auto call, leverage notes, reverse convertible, Participatory notes, Growth, and income protected notes, PPN, Warrants etc.)
  • Fixed income products, Goal Oriented Bonds, Funds, and mutual Funds etc. 
  • Primary Market & Secondary Market products, Capital market & Money Market Investment.
  • Succession Planning
  • Saving Plan & Insurance 
  • Educational Plan & Retirement Plan
  • Systematic Investment Plan